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Ketones for Alzheimer’s! “What do you have to lose?”

Here’s a challenge for you: type in “Alzheimer’s” and “ketones” together in the search bar for Google. See what shows up!

(Do this, then come back and read the rest of this article)!

Welcome back… there are only good things to say about the use of ketones as a therapy for Alzheimer’s. Research and practical application have both shown incredible results for treatment. Both the ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones can be extremely powerful to help bring more vitality to the brain of someone challenged with Alzheimer’s.

“Brain cells function with far greater efficiency when they are utilizing fat (ketones) as a fuel source as opposed to sugar.” GUYS! This is huge! With this knowledge, you can transform the brain entirely. In dementia and Alzheimer’s, the four (frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital) lobes of the brain can have trouble functioning on their own. Similarly, communication across the four lobes lacks severely in Alzheimer’s. Research has shown that “much of the benefit of KB (ketone bodies) can be attributed to their ability to increase mitochondrial efficiency and supplement the brain’s normal reliance on glucose.” This is why Alzheimer’s is considered ‘diabetes of the brain’. When glucose is not available for the brain to metabolize, it looks to ketones for fuel. When ketones nor glucose aren’t available, the brain is usually the first thing to lack from fuel. Therefore, the inclusion of the ketogenic diet and exogenous ketone bodies will help the cell’s metabolism become more regulated, more efficient, and more stable as blood glucose and blood ketone levels are optimized (inverse relationship).

Dr. Mary Newport in Tampa, Florida, utilized MCT oils found in coconut oil to help her late husband, Steve, added two more valuable years to his life. In August 2015, she released her most recent book The Coconut Oil and Low-Carbohydrate Solution for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Other Diseases. Listen to Dr. Newport tell their testimony here! This story has been told hundreds of times to audiences around the world the last three years and has dedicated her life to helping those challenged by dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s with the use of ketones! She utilizes KETO//OS avidly and is passionate about this work and the power that ketones have to transform lives. As she likes to say “What do you have to lose?”



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