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Safeguard Your Body This Holiday Season

A large downfall for many people is the inclusion of sugar into almost every meal and treat during the holidays. Many people will allow themselves to succumb to everything placed in front of them. However, this will give way to an insulin resistance that you really don’t want to fight.

The abuse of sugar and carbohydrates during these winter months will make it really difficult for your New Year’s efforts to pay off as quickly. We are all creatures that look for instant gratification when we set new goals. Waiting until the New Year to implement those goals will leave you sorely disappointed. That’s why I always recommend you start your new year a month early on December 1. Go into December with anticipation on sustainable eating habits, an exercise regiment, self-care techniques and stress release tactics. Go into the last month of your year setting the foundation for the holidays so that your body is prepared to go into the next month (and NEW YEAR) ready to go to the next level to absolutely CRUSH those goals you’ve set for yourself.

Here are some ways to get your brain, body and spirit to the next level:

  1. Start your day asking yourself these three questions (Brendon Burchard):
    1. What do I want out of today?
    2. Who needs me to be on my A-game today?
    3. What will I do today that might challenge me? How will I face those challenges?
  2. Create a monthly budget spreadsheet of all that comes in and all that goes out each month. This will help keep your finances in check, and your stress managed.
  3. Download the app Peak Brain Training to “level up your brain” and get daily reminders to get more wrinkles in your brain for higher neuroplasticity.
  4. Utilize therapeutic grade essential oils to calm your stress and anxiety as your to-do list piles up and to keep your energy up if you feel restless.
  5. Do five minutes of activity right when you wake up and at least five minutes of stretching before you head to bed. Here’s a great resource for hip and back mobility before your head hits the pillow!
  6. Drink pure therapeutic ketones twice daily to improve brain function, increased fat metabolism and sustained energy and hormone levels throughout the day!

Even though it’s December 10, you can still lay the ground work for the rest of your month so that January will be a rock star start to your 2018. The above mentioned techniques are just a few ways to tune in.

I am an advocate of education and a believer in holistic health. Every system in your body works synergistically: digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, reproductive and endocrine. Each one is equally important, and your brain is the circuit board for these operations; so care for your BRAIN first.

Coral A.J. Gibson

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